• Sharon Kelly

Finding my Travel Groove Again

I took a break from travelling at the end of last year to help out a couple of family members as they recovered from surgery - one planned, one not!

I returned to travelling in time to ring in the new year in Phuket, Thailand.

The last sunset of 2019

But since then I feel like I’ve struggled at times to find my travel groove.

Not sure whether it’s because I know my 2 year round the world journey is coming to an end and I’m mentally preparing to go home, whether it’s the emergence of the coronavirus that is making me rethink some of my travel plans in Asia, whether the break back home - while I definitely do not regret it and enjoyed spending time with family and the comforts of home - got me out of my groove, or whether it’s just that I am getting tired - two years of constant travelling is hard and the break made me realize that even more.

I don’t mean to imply that I’ve been miserable since the beginning of the year or that I haven’t enjoyed my time in Thailand and Laos - both of which are not true - but something has just felt a bit off, a bit different from when I was travelling before my family break. Of course, it also could also be because Southeast Asia is backpacker central and despite using one, I’m not the cliched backpacker so don’t always feel like I fit in, LOL

I have about 5 months left in this crazy, rewarding journey. During that time I’m sure I will my find my groove, lose it, and then find it again 😊

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