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Backpack or Suitcase - that is the question

Even before I started travelling I knew I would sometimes question my decision to travel with my backpack vs. my 4 wheeled suitcase. And to be honest, I still don’t know if I made the right choice, or if there is even a right choice.

Putting the whole ‘backpacker’ cliche aside, there are some legitimate positives to travelling with a backpack...

A backpack gives you a certain freedom and mobility. It keeps your hands free, as long as you don’t get complacent and start loading yourself up with carry bags. It makes walking through cobblestone streets or on uneven pavement easier. It sometimes is easier to get through a crowd of people with suitcases as you don’t get tripped up by them. It usually stands out on the baggage carousel. And it can mean that you don’t pack as much because you are conscious of having to carry it all the time!

But on the minus side, it is hard on your shoulders and back, and sometimes your wrist as you grab it to swing it onto your back. While it can be easier to get through a crowd of rollers cases, it can also make you a bit more unmovable, especially if you also have a daypack on your front, which I do. It is sometimes harder to pack, even using packing cubes for your clothes and a badly packed backpack can make it unbalanced, which makes it harder to carry. If you trip, you’re more likely to fall as the backpack will throw you off. It can mean that you have to take a taxi from a bus or train station to your accommodations, or it can limit your ability to be spontaneous with your accommodations, as it’s not as easy to walk longer distances with a 10kg backpack on your back. And sometimes, when you’re staying in pedestrian only locations like the medinas of Morocco, you are even forced to walk from the taxi to your accommodations... something I have found a struggle the past week or so in the heat.

Pros and cons!

So stay tuned to see if I make it through the whole 2 years with the backpack 🙂

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