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Backpack or Suitcase: Part 2

I will admit, I have struggled with my backpack the past couple of months. So since I recently made a brief stop at home, I debated switching to my 4 wheel suitcase. Not so I could pack more, but so it would be easier on my back and shoulders and I wouldn’t be in the heat and humidity of SEA with a backpack on my back, making me even hotter and sweatier than I would be!

In trying to make up my mind, I posted in 2 Facebook travel groups asking for opinions... really looking for any solid reasons why a backpack is easier when travelling in that part of the world.

Most of what I got were comments saying I should pack less - sometimes politely, sometimes sounding very judgmental, lol!

Some also offered suggestions on other backpacks, ones that also have wheels for the best of both worlds, despite me saying I was not looking to buy anything different.

But some did offer some real reasons for using a backpack - ease when walking on uneven pavements, easier to travel by boat and easier to navigate busy cities like HCMC or Hong Kong (although this one I question as I take up way more space with my backpack on than I would walking with my suitcase beside me).

A few did say they had travelled extensively throughout SEA with a suitcase and had no problems, but the overwhelming majority was pro backpack.

So I decided to stick with the backpack.

I lightened my load a bit and will just have to remain vigilant for the last stretch.

But I also had a break and recognize that I was due for one towards the end (I generally take a bit of a break every 3 months or so and stay somewhere for 2-3 weeks so I’m not packing and unpacking and lugging the backpack around).

But honestly, I wanted to see if I could do it. If I could push myself. If I could really say I backpacked around the world for two years.

And it’s only for another 7-8 months. I’ve already done 15 months or so.... what’s another 7 or 8 😊

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