• Sharon Kelly

Am I Becoming Too Cynical?

Maybe I’ve been to too many countries recently where 9/10 times when some guy on the street has tried to strike up a conversation with me ‘just being friendly’ or ‘just practicing my English’ it has turned into a pitch to sell me something or ask for money, but I am finding myself being borderline rude when that happens now. And I’m not being sexist - it has always been men. No woman has ever started to walk alongside me, trying to engage me in conversation or offering helpful tips. The questioning often starts with ‘where are you from’ and I am reluctant to answer because if I do end up being rude to get away from them I might sully the good name that Canadian travellers enjoy!

I am friendly when I feel the conversation is sincere but some random guy approaching me on the street does not feel sincere. I just want to be left alone to wander and explore 😊. Am I being too cynical? Where do you draw the line?

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