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Stand Up For Women

Gender inequality is still a big issue in Uganda. One of the ways this manifests itself here is that a woman cannot inherit land from her father or husband, making widowed or single mothers very vulnerable and often not able to financially provide for themselves or their children.

Change Tomorrow believes in empowering women by helping them build wealth for their families and/or financial independence for themselves.

Through their Stand Up for Women program, women will be given a pig for which they are responsible for its care and maintenance. The pig will be bred and the women will get to keep the pig, plus all but two of her piglets. The hope is that she will use the pig and piglets to build a sustainable income source by selling and/or breeding them.

Why all but two you may wonder? Well the program was set up so the cost of the pigs, plus its food and vet care, is paid for by Change Tomorrow. So one pig is given back as a repayment. The charity can then use the piglet as a source of food for the school, or sell it to earn some income or even breed it themselves. And the other piglet is also given back to Change Tomorrow, but to the Stand Up for Women program to be given to the next women coming up through the program.

Over my 2 months here I have helped Change Tomorrow with many things but I cannot take credit for the set up of the pig program - it was conceived before I arrived. I especially liked the ‘pay it forward’ concept as that is one of the cornerstones of women empowerment - lifting one another up, helping those who are behind you. After all, we all stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us.

Change Tomorrow is a UK registered charity, SC047696

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