• Sharon Kelly

The Importance of Education

Educating a girl can break the cycle of poverty and hardship in just one generation. Did you know that for every year a girl is in school her first child is delayed by 10 months? Did you know that if a girl has a primary education there would be ~15% fewer child marriages and if a girl has a secondary education there would be 2/3 fewer child marriages? Providing an education to a girl means that she will be able to better care for her children and lower infant and child mortality rates, as well earn a good income to support her and her family. She will also pass on her knowledge to the next generation, further helping to end the cycle of poverty.

Yet so many girls are denied an education just because they are girls. In addition to the spreadsheets and financial analysis I am working on, I am also writing a resource booklet for primary 6 and 7 girls, covering topics such as abuse, self respect and the importance of education.

So proud to be working with Change Tomorrow, who see the potential girls have and are working in their rural community in Uganda to better the lives of girls and women.

Check out their website at www.changetomorrow.co.uk for more info on how you can be a partner in changing a girl's life.

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