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Back to Work!

After a few days off to go on a safari to Murchison Falls National Park, I am back at work at Change Tomorrow. And although I enjoyed my time travelling through Europe, it has felt good to do some work again.

Over the past month I have accomplished quite a bit. I redesigned their monthly income and expense tracking spreadsheet - building in some automation and analysis. I created an employee code of conduct and revamped the employee and volunteer contracts. I created a CSR and put together donor proposals for the school and several of the charity's programs, specifically those under its Stand Up For Women initiative.

To empower and improve the lives of the women in the village, which will have a ripple effect and improve the lives of the village as a whole, Change Tomorrow created a 3 step program. Starting with a weekly women's meeting, an initial 10 women were selected to move onto the Pig Program. Each woman was given a pig that they have to care for (the charity paid all costs) until the pig can be bred. When the pig has her litter, one piglet will be given back to the program for the next group of women, one will be given to Change Tomorrow for their use and the remaining piglets will be kept by the woman with the hope that she will use these as a source of generating income. Women who are successful in the Pig Program will be offered the opportunity to enter the Micro Loan program. Over the course of a year, a woman will be given three loans of increasing amounts to develop a small business and create wealth for her family and financial independence for herself. I advised the charity on this program and created a spreadsheet for them to use to track the loans and repayments (alleviating the panic that the charity's founder/owner was experiencing!).

You definitely have to use your brain while travelling... it teaches you to handle the unexpected, to ask better questions and it forces you to problem solve, sometimes in creative ways. But I have to admit I have enjoyed the past few weeks preparing documentation and working my Excel magic! Not enough to 'unditch' my desk though 😉

The elephant photo was taken just outside Murchison Falls National Park.

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