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Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday 🎈

I’m not saying that to elicit a bunch of Happy Birthday messages 😉 I’m saying that because I believe you should at least acknowledge your birthday, even celebrate it.

Last year I was travelling back from Belize, having spent a week there with a friend who was on his own solo trip. This year I am in Milan. And I wonder where I will be next year!

I have never been someone who fears their birthday. Sure it means I am getting older, but it also means I am still alive to get older. While I don't always do something big to mark the day, I do believe in still celebrating it, even in small ways. I try and stay awake until midnight and sing 'Happy Birthday' to myself... totally corny I know! And if my birthday fell on a weekday, I would try and take it off (okay, that doesn't apply this year). And if I didn't have plans with anyone, I would take myself out for lunch or dinner, usually to either The Keg or Red Lobster. I can't go to either one of those this year, but will definitely enjoy a meal out, although I already had my birthday treat when I went to La Scala earlier this week!

So Happy Birthday to me... 49 and I say that loud and proud!


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