• Sharon Kelly

Yes, I still get travel anxiety

In the almost 7 months of travelling, I have taken 11 planes, 5 trains, 11 buses and 1 ferry to travel from one place to another, and each time I still get a little knot in my stomach when I start the day. Thankfully by now it's just a little knot, but I still find travel a bit stressful. Will my transport from my accommodations get to me to the station or airport on time; will I be able to find my bus or train (it hasn't always been clearly marked); what if there is an important announcement on my bus or train and I miss it because it's not in English and; once I get to my destination, will I be able to find my way to my accomodation (especially when I take city buses that don't announce the stops) and will it be like the pictures or will something be wrong with it?

Today I travelled by bus from Madrid, Spain to Granada, Spain and I barely felt a knot. Maybe that's a sign that all these worries will eventually go away and the only thing I will worry about on a travel day is having to haul my bags around!

Side note on that: sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or window when I have both bags on and I think "wow, my bags are almost as big as I am!"

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