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Time flies

Wow, time has certainly flown by! Can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I ditched my desk and started traveling... already 1/4 of my journey is complete. During my 6 months I have visited 18 countries (16 new ones) and people often ask me what country is my favourite. That’s a hard one to answer as several have struck a chord with me for different reasons: Poland - I really liked Krakow, had a great vibe to it, and Poland is where I first felt like I was something other than a tourist on vacation Slovenia - such a beautiful country and I really enjoyed spending 3 weeks there driving around. It was the first country that I stayed in one place longer than 7-10 days and I enjoyed the downtime. Slovenia is also where I made 2 friends - one local and one from Belgrade Serbia - not a county I ever thought of going to but I decided to go there after Slovenia to get to know my new friend a bit more. And it was great having a connection in Belgrade who I could hang out with every few days, even had him over for pizza and movies one Saturday night, something I would do at home. And thanks to that movie night, I rediscovered what a great movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is, except for the snake scene of course!

Romania - again another country that wasn’t really on my radar but a road trip through Transylvania was a lot of fun, especially since I was also travelling with one of my best friends from home But I think I could pick out a highlight from each country so answering the question of what’s been my favourite is getting harder and harder as my country count climbs.


After spending Christmas in Scotland with my parents, I decided to stay in the UK and see more of Scotland and also go to Ireland. Scotland is such a beautiful country, and Ireland was also amazing. I ended up spending 7 weeks in the UK and Ireland, longer than I expected. Unfortunately since then I feel like I am racing through the rest of the European countries I intend on visiting. I think I am conscious that I am already 1/4 of the way done and I’m still in Europe. My European leg of this journey will be coming to an end soon, likely only another month, give or take. Then I plan on shifting gears a bit and heading to Africa to do some volunteer work. By the time I leave Africa, I will be coming up on the one year mark.

Two years felt like a long time when I left - more than enough time to travel the world. Maybe I will make it all around the world and maybe not - time will tell!


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