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Do I miss my desk now that I have ditched it?

Despite not working at the company anymore, I was invited to attend the UK office’s Christmas party this past week as I was going to be in the UK around that time. I always enjoyed Christmas time in the office. Not just because there was usually a lot of chocolates and sweets around, but I enjoyed the festive mood.

And the holiday season also signaled an end to my busy time. This year, for the first time in years, I didn’t spend the last few months consumed by preparing my company’s annual financial budget and strategic plan. It was always an insanely busy time, filled with many, many late nights and weekends of work. But despite the workload and stress, I actually used to enjoy it. In fact, more than one colleague has teased me about that. I always looked at it this way - it was my job, one I had chosen to do, so until I made another choice, I should enjoy it. Now that I have made another choice, I wondered if I would miss it - the rush, the feeling of accomplishment when it was approved, the sense of pride knowing I had helped shape the company’s direction and plans.

Now I have to be careful here as my former boss reads my blog :-) But honestly, no I didn’t miss it. In fact, I don’t miss work at all… and that surprises me a little bit. But I guess after slogging away for half my life, I think I was really ready for a break. I don’t feel like my days have no purpose because I don’t get up and go to work. I don’t feel like I am wasting my education or my years of experience. At some point I will probably want to engage my brain in a more ‘work like’ way so it doesn’t turn to mush and it will be an easier transition back into that life if that’s what I choose to do when this journey ends, but, for now, managing a RTW journey has enough challenges that I do find my brain is still engaged. And there are other ways to ensure that is the case without a traditional job - online learning (something I will have to do anyway to satisfy the continuous development requirements of my professional designation), workshops and classes, volunteer work, even just talking to people as I travel and learning about different cultures stimulates the mind tremendously.

So no, I don’t miss work. In fact, I am enjoying the freedom I have, the freedom I am fortunate to be able to have away from the daily grind. I do miss the people and camaraderie through, and of course the festive mood this time of the year. And the chocolates and sweets :-)

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