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Life is better with friends

I know in several of my posts I’ve talked about making connections or friends on this journey. Let’s face it… I can see every beautiful place in the world - every gorgeous lake and mountain, every stunning architectural marvel, every amazing natural wonder - but if I am alone all the time, with no human interaction what good is it?

It’s human interaction that drives us, that feeds our soul. It’s human interaction that makes us think differently, see ourselves differently. It’s human interaction that makes us stronger, that make us a better person.

One of my goals of this journey was to meet people around the world, either locals or fellow travellers. And in the three months I have been travelling I have done that. But I also did not want to lose touch with the people already in my life and, thankfully, it’s easier now than ever before to stay in touch. So many people have supported me on this journey, and continue to support me by reading my blog & posts, even sharing my story to their network. So it’s extremely important to me that I don’t get too engrossed in my new journey that I forget those I (temporarily) left behind.

When I left Canada I told everyone - family, friends, co-workers - that they are welcome to join me at any time. Or to let me know if they are planning on being in my area and I will join them. Today as I prepare to leave Turkey, my 27th country overall and 11th on this journey, I will be seeing my next country - Romania - with a close friend. He joined me about a week ago and will be travelling with me for another three weeks or so. While I have enjoyed travelling by myself - and have been comfortable doing so thus far - it has been great having a friend along for the ride!

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart -- Eleanor Roosevelt

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