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Week One

It's been a week since I walked into Detroit Metro Airport to start this new adventure

So what has the first week been like? Honestly, like I am on vacation, albeit with less clothes than I normally would. I'm not complaining... I've already added two countries to my tally (now standing at 18), and in doing so have seen some beautiful cities

But this was not meant to be a two year vacation. I wanted to experience life - and the world - in a way you usually don't when you are a tourist. And one week in, I definitely still feel like a tourist. But I know that shift will take some time. I will have to settle somewhere for a little while, get into a 'normal' routine, make some connections and some new friends etc. Even after only one week, I am craving that and thinking of how, when, and where to make that happen. I have made attempts at making connections - posted on a Facebook group for solo female travellers as soon as I arrived and had one women contact me almost immediately offering to get together and show me around only to ghost me, and have been messaging with a couple of others. Hopefully something will click.

In the meantime, I will continue to play tourist for a little while longer. After all, part of experiencing the world is actually seeing it.

And tasting it... I said I was going to try new foods - traditional foods - whenever I could. So far, I haven't tried anything too 'out of the norm'...

The Flemish stew that tasted just like fries with gravy with some pieces of beef on top; the traditional Luxembourg meal of potato salad and sausages that tasted like, well, potato salad and sausages; a Belgian waffle, the smell of which permeates the air in downtown Brussels and; what has become a staple for me, a meat and cheese baquette, because you can find them everywhere and they are very reasonably priced. I look forward to challenging my palette more.

And although it's only been a week, I'm managing with limited clothes and toiletries. Do I miss my 'stuff'? Of course I do. That is something else that will take time. One of the things I miss most is yoga pants - or just something to lounge around in during the evenings that isn't my one pair of pajamas, or something else from my limited 'wardrobe'. And as much as I like a white t-shirt for its versatility, I have a feeling that will be the first thing replaced. That crisp white t-shirt won't stay so white with just washing it out in the sink with soap and water 😉

So that's week one! And don't worry, I'm not going to do a week two, week three etc. post. That will get boring really fast!

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