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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

This has been my mouse pad for a couple of years.

Although I don't think I have really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone too much when travelling before, others have. Others have seen me as an adventurer and a traveler, not just a vacationer. And to a degree that has been true. I've never been big on all inclusive resorts on a Caribbean island, instead choosing Croatia as a vacation spot because it was somewhere that a lot of people haven't been before, or volunteering for a jungle conservation project in the Amazon in Peru, or driving 3,700 kms around Newfoundland because it was the one Maritime province I hadn't been to and I wanted to celebrate the Canada 150 in Canada. So when it was suggested to me by a close friend that I was not the 'corporate type' and perhaps the solution to getting out of the rut I was feeling was to completely shake up my life and 'ditch my desk' and get out and see the world, I thought 'why not'?! Maybe I do need to really get out of my comfort zone.

So I am doing just that - quitting my job and selling my house, a house I have lived in and loved for almost 12 years. Getting rid of furniture and books and - gasp! - shoes and purses. Packing up memories and precious items. Saying goodbye - temporarily - to friends and family. And preparing to embark on a crazy journey, a whole new chapter in my life with just a backpack on my back. And trust me, for a woman who has 75+ pairs of shoes and 75+ purses, living for 2 years or so with just the stuff I can carry in a backpack will be hard :-)

But it's the hard things that challenge us and help us grow. I know it will be extremely difficult at times, perhaps even scary. But I also know it will be extremely exciting and rewarding and I will be a better person for doing it - for getting out of my comfort zone. I will gain a greater understanding of the rest of the world, the world outside the office and, upon my return, a whole new appreciation for my life back home in Canada.

So join me on this adventure, won't you?! And if I can inspire anyone to also get out of their comfort zone - whatever that looks like for you - and follow your dreams, challenge yourself, then it will make it even more worthwhile.



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